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Center News: Center for Learning and Teaching Styles, Philippines

April 26, 2011

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The Center for Learning and Teaching Styles, Philippines has been a proud affiliate of the International Learning Styles Network since 1995. It continues to be in the forefront of educational advocacy espousing the Dunn and Dunn Model supplemented by Multiple Intelligences, Emotional and Social Leadership in Philippine schools and corporate institutions.

The logo of CLTS Philippines has undergone some modification to reflect its "childlike advocacy" campaign character. The One Nation Learning logo goes side-by-side with the CLTS logo as a co-branding exercise. In 2010, it launched the One Nation Learning Caravan Series, as a fitting tribute to the legacy of the late Dr. Rita Dunn. The Caravan has been brought already to a number of provinces in the Philippines covering various sectors like school leaders, teachers, parents, and students. In the area of publications, CLTS Philippines continues to write a weekly column in the Manila Bulletin, one of the premier newspapers in the Philippines. Before the end of the year, CLTS Philippines shall expand its advocacy and include in its coverage local government units and grass root communities through its CHILD Program. CHILD means Communities Honoring Individual Learning Diversity. (Thanks to Dr. Barbara Given for sharing with me the acronym CHILD). CHILD plans to tie up with NGOs, churches, government agencies, government officials in pursuing leadership, management and social marketing programs for good governance.

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  • barbara given May 02, 2011
    Nicely done, Henry. I'm happy to see how you are using the CHILD acronym. You do excellent work. barbgiven