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Learning Styles enhances literacy at Westhampton Beach Elementary School

November 23, 2010
Learning Styles Westhampton Beach Elementary School

The Westhampton Beach Elementary School utilizes learning-style-based instructional strategies in support if its three-tiered Response-to-Intervention program in literacy. The program starts with all students being exposed to a rich, differentiated core curriculum. All teachers have been trained in learning-style responsive teaching strategies, and the students have completed developmentally appropriate learning-style inventories. The plan focuses on using data from universal screenings to identify at-risk students. Teachers then employ Curriculum-Based Measures CBMs in the Big Five in Reading, (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary) to pinpoint specific skill deficits.

Utilizing a team-based approach, RtI teams develop strategic intervention plans that are responsive to the data from the CBMs and the students learning-style preferences. These plans are clearly articulated so that all service providers (classroom teachers, ESL teachers, reading specialists, speech teachers, etc...) understand their role in implementing targeted interventions for the benefit of the students being supported. This is a highly coordinated effort using evidenced-based interventions that are chosen to capitalize on students' learning-style strengths. Strength-based teaching approaches are employed so that student learning is maximized. Progress is continuously monitored and the intensity of interventions is adjusted based upon reliable data. Fidelity measures are emphasized and instructional intensity varies by frequency, duration, and teacher-to-student ratios.

Ronald M. Masera, Ed.D.
Westhampton Beach Elementary School