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ILSN New Year Greeting

ILSN New Year Greeting

December 26, 2011 Susan Rundle

The International Learning Style Network (ILSN) members and everyone associated with the learning-style website wish for you and yours the very best in the New Year.

Believing in beauty,
Wishing for joy,
Dreaming of peace.

May the coming year bring hope and peace across the globe.

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  • sun fucheng Dec 31, 2011
    你好,我是来自遥远中国的孙福成,我这里是北京时间23:30,还有30分钟就要迎来新年了,这里我提前对您说新年快乐! 我一直关注学习风格的研究,但是在我们这里只能看到早期的学习风格的文章,其中Dunn, K. & Dunn, R., 1978. Teaching Students through their Individual Learning Styles:A practical approach. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall被广泛引用,我一直没有找到原始资料,希望得到您的帮助。非常感谢! 再次祝新年快乐,和谐幸福! ——南京农业大学 孙福成 我的邮箱[email protected] Hello, I am from distant China, Sun Fucheng, I am here in Beijing time 23: 30, 30 minutes to usher in the new year, and here I say happy new year in advance! I always pay attention to the study of learning style, but here we can see the early learning style, where Dunn, K & Dunn, R, Students through their Individual 1978 Teaching Learning Styles: A practical approach . Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall was widely quoted, I have not found the original information, hope get your help. Thanks a lot. Happy happy new year, happy and harmonious! -- Sun Fucheng of Nanjing Agricultural University My mailbox [email protected]