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Learning styles as a way to business excellence

Learning styles as a way to business excellence

April 04, 2011 Mats Johansson

Have you ever felt that you grasp things better or worse than other people? Is this due to the fact that you or they are simply smarter or more intelligent? Or could there be other explanations to why some people learn and others don’t in different situations? Extensive research through decades prove that each and every one has their own learning style and that everybody can increase their results by using their preferred learning style both in their studies and in their work – an essential tool to business excellence.

We live in an ever-changing world in which the pace of development seems to increase every day. Fifteen years ago many of us did not own a mobile phone, but actually it is enough to think about the phone you were carrying three years ago and compare it to the ones we use today to see the rapid technological development that has been taking place. This is just one tiny bit of our everyday life, but if we would study the development of other areas (i.e. the use of Internet and computers etc.), we would come to the same conclusion. The pace of development of new technology and hence the new knowledge we have access to is increasing rapidly.

When trying to grasp, handle and keep up with this ever-increasing-pace-development many of us find our everyday lives more and more stressful as we constantly need to learn new things and relearn in areas that are changing. Learning is also an important issue when organizations want to develop innovations and keep their competitive edge. The ability to master learning and relearning becomes an essential competence for individuals as well for organizations in the new millennia.

We all learn in different ways. Most of us learn best if we can find a situation in which we are able to stay concentrated in a setting that makes us feel relaxed. Learning will take place in different situations. It may be when we are in a traditional school setting, but it can also be at work, when we are playing together with friends or in a computer game. Motivation is also an important factor. Learning will become easier if you really want to learn what you are expected to learn.

Take command of your own development

One of the challenges in life is to interact with other people. Taking all factors into consideration you will find that your personal learning style slightly differs from the learning styles of your friends and colleagues. By adjusting your learning process to your personal learning style you will be able to increase your learning performance. No matter if you are a manager, a student, a teacher or a professor, your professional activity will involve a certain amount of learning. And as we all are different it is important to know as much as possible about your learning style and the learning styles of people you are cooperating with.

In order for organizations and educational institutions to keep their competitive edge, they need human resources and students that are able to perform at their best. We find learning styles to be a useful tool for management to develop their human resources. The concept can be used for training and retraining as well as for putting effective teams together.

At the same time the concept of learning styles provides a powerful tool for student empowerment. If the students know in what way they will learn best, they will be able to make strategies for increasing their efficiency by adjusting their learning situation. For teachers the concept will give an opportunity to create learning situations where the students will be able to use their different strategies.

No matter what you do or who you are, everybody should be concerned about the learning styles of themselves and the people they interact with. So why not start with yourself? How do you learn? Which is your personal learning style? You'll discover you're not stupid – you just need to do it your way!